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CountyTrail NameCategoryTrail QualityFormat Length
GradeTimeNearest town
Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Longford, WestmeathRoyal Canal WayWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear144.00Easy6 daysDublin
Roscommon, Westmeath, DublinNational Famine WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear165.00Easy6 daysStrokestown
WestmeathMullaghmeen Multi Access TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear0.20Buggy and wheelchair friendly15minOldcastle
WestmeathMullaghmeen Red WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.00Easy1hr 20minOldcastle
WestmeathMullaghmeen White WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Moderate2hrOldcastle
WestmeathMullaghmeen Yellow WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Moderate50minOldcastle
WestmeathMullingar - Athlone - Old Rail Trail GreenwayWalking/Hiking Trails Linear40.00Easy8hrMullingar - Athlone
WestmeathMullingar - Athlone - Old Rail Trail GreenwayOff-Road Cycling Trails***Linear40.00Easy3hrMullingar - Athlone
WestmeathMullingar Cycle Hub Loop 1On Road Cycling Trails Circular30.00 2hr 30minMullingar
WestmeathMullingar Cycle Hub Loop 2On Road Cycling Trails Circular49.00 4hr 30minMullingar
WestmeathMullingar Cycle Hub Loop 3On Road Cycling Trails Circular38.00 3hr 30minMullingar
WestmeathRoyal Canal Greenway - WestmeathWalking/Hiking Trails Linear32.30Easy7hrMullingar
WestmeathRoyal Canal Greenway - WestmeathOff-Road Cycling Trails Linear32.30Easy3hrMullingar
WestmeathWestmeath WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear33.00Moderate2 daysKilbeggan

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