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CountyTrail NameCategoryTrail QualityFormat Length
GradeTimeNearest town
GalwayArd na Gaoithe - Ardnageeha loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Easy1hrCong Village
GalwayClifden Cycle Hub Loop 1On Road Cycling Trails Circular16.00 1hr 15minClifden
GalwayClifden Cycle Hub Loop 2On Road Cycling Trails Circular14.00 1hr 15minClifden
GalwayClifden Cycle Hub Loop 3On Road Cycling Trails Circular33.00 2hr 30minClifden
GalwayClifden Cycle Hub Loop 4On Road Cycling Trails Circular40.00 3hrClifden
GalwayClifden SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular5.60Easy1hrClifden
GalwayClonbur Wood loop trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular7.50Easy2hr 30minClonbur
GalwayCong Forest - Cong Nature trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.00Easy1hr 30minCong Village
GalwayCoole Park 7 Woods TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular4.50Moderate1hr 15minGort
GalwayCoole Park Family TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.75Easy25minGort
GalwayDerroura - Mountain Bike trailOff-Road Cycling Trails***Circular16.00Severe2hr 20minOughertard
GalwayDiamond Hill Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear7.00Strenuous2hrLetterfrack
GalwayHymany WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear90.00Easy3 daysPortumna
GalwayInis Meain - Lub Cill CheannannachWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular10Easy3hr 30minRossaveel
GalwayInis Meain - Lub Dun ChonchuirWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8Easy2hr 30minRossaveel
GalwayInis Meain - Lub Dun FearbhaiWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular13Easy4hr 30minRossaveel
GalwayInis Mor - Lub an ChorruchWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular12.00Moderate3hr 15minCill Ronain
GalwayInis Mor - Lub Cill MhuirbhighWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular16.00Moderate4hr 30minCill Ronain
GalwayInis Mor - Lub Dun EochlaWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular10.00Moderate2hr 45minCill Ronain
GalwayInis Nee loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular6Easy2hr 15minRoundstone
GalwayInis Oirr - Lub Ceathru an Locha Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Easy2hr 15minInis Oirr
GalwayInis Oirr - Lub Ceathru an Phoillin Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular13.00Moderate4hr 30minInis Oirr
GalwayInishbofin Island - Cloonamore LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Moderate2hrInishbofin
GalwayInishbofin Island - Middlequarter LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Moderate1hr 30minInishbofin
GalwayInishbofin Island - Westquarter loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Easy2hrInishbofin
GalwayLetterfrack Poetry TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear1.50Easy/Moderate1hrLetterfrack
GalwayLuibin Garumna - Slí ChonamaraWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Easy/Moderate2hrLeitir Móir
GalwayLuibin MhairoisWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Moderate1hr 30minCarna 4.8km
GalwayMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) Heritage Trails - Killagoola Loop Walk Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular6.50Easy1hr 30minMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen)
GalwayMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) Heritage Trails - Killarainey Woods Walk Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.00Easy1hrMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen)
GalwayMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) Heritage Trails - Sean Reilig Loop Walk Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular6.50Easy1hr 30minMaigh Cuilinn (Moycullen)
GalwayMarconi LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Easy1hr 45minClifden 3.5km Ballyconneely 5.5km
GalwayMervue SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular2.60Easy40minGalway city
GalwayMilltown SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular4.50Easy40minMilltown, Galway
GalwayMonivea - Historical trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Moderate1hrAthenry
GalwayMonivea - Mass Track trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.30Moderate1hrAthenry
GalwayMoylough SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Linear3.50Easy30minMoylough, Galway
GalwayNew Village - Lough Seecon trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular6.50Moderate2hrOughterard
GalwayNew Village - New Village walkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Moderate1hr 30minOughterard
GalwayOranmore SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Linear / Circular4.80Easy40minOranmore
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Bonaveen Cycling TrailOff-Road Cycling Trails***Circular10.50Moderate1hrPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Bonaveen Walking TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular10.50Moderate2hrPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Forest Friendly Cycling TrailOff-Road Cycling Trails***Circular1.40Easy10minPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Forest Friendly Walking TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.40Buggy and wheelchair friendly20minPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Rinmaher Cycling TrailOff-Road Cycling Trails***Circular10.00Moderate1hrPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Rinmaher Walking TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular10.00Moderate2hrPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Woodland Cycling TrailOff-Road Cycling Trails***Circular2.00Easy15minPortumna
GalwayPortumna Forest Park - Woodland Walking TrailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Easy30minPortumna
GalwaySeanbotharWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear10.00Easy2hr 30minCorr na Mona
GalwaySiuloidi na Ceathrun Rua - Trail 1 CuilleanWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.20Easy45minCarraroe Village
GalwaySiuloidi na Ceathrun Rua - Trail 2 Tra an DoilinWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular7.50Easy3hrCarraroe Village
GalwaySiuloidi na Ceathrun Rua - Trail 3 An FhaithcheWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular4.80Easy1hrCarraroe Village
GalwaySli Chonamara Walking/Hiking Trails      
GalwayTuam SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular / Linear depending on route.3.30Easy30minTuam
GalwayWestern Way - GalwayWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear55.00Moderate2 daysOughterard
Roscommon, GalwaySuck Valley WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular105.00Moderate5 daysCastlerea

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