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Moville Slí

Trail Overview Details

Grade: Easy
Format: Linear
Trail Quality: N/A
County: Donegal
Category: Sli Na Slainte Walking Routes
Type: Sli Route
Length (Kms): 4.00
Climb (m): N/A
Estimated time: 40min
Dogs Allowed: Yes

Description of Trail

No Description Available.

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The Moville Slí na Sláinte is a 4.4km route which follows a picturesque 2.2km path along the River Foyle before returning back to Moville. The route starts at the Market Square, just off the Main Street and turns onto James's Street and down towards The Green (a 10 acre site donated by the Montgomery Family, ancestors of Field Marshal Montgomery the 2nd World War hero), where it follows the bottom path along the River Foyle towards Greencastle. This picturesque path overlooks the hills of Co. Derry and the Antrim coast. The Slí trails along the rugged cliff hugging path, and sandy coves, eventually turning back to Moville just before Riverfoot Bay, at Laferty's Lane. On returning to the Market Square you will feel proud to have completed the 4.4km Sli na Sláinte route. Suitable as a daytime walk only.

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