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Bantry Blueway - Blue Trail

Trail Overview Details

Grade: Intermediate
Format: Linear
Trail Quality: ***
County: Cork
Category: Canoe Trails
Type: Canoe
Length (Kms): 6.00
Climb (m): 0
Estimated time: 2hr
Start point: Abbey Point Slipway
Start point grid ref: V 982 483
End point: Abbey Point Slipway
End point grid ref: V 982 483
Nearest town to start: Bantry
Ordnance survey map: OSI Discovery Series Sheet 85
Facilities: Parking, accommodation, shops, restaurants, cafes
Public transport: N/A
Map guide available: N/A

Description of Trail

This trail travels west to South Beach where the crossing point is marked by a signpost and flag. Beware of winds and tidal flows at the crossing, a wind flag at South Beach will indicate local wind conditions. If suitable cross 600m (15 minutes) to the Blueway flag on Whiddy Island and on to Bank House on Whiddy Island, returning via the same route to Abbey Slipway.Be careful of ferries operating between Whiddy Island and Bantry.

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Abbey Point Slipway to Bank House Return

Canoeing & Kayaking is an adventure sport. When you go canoeing follow the five points below to stay safe:
Planning -
Plan your trip well in advance by consulting with the Blueway website and local providers.
Experience -
Ensure the Blueway is a suitable match for your group’s experience. Water can be dangerous, if you are inexperienced use a local guide and seek formal training.
Conditions -
Consult the weather forecast and tide tables in advance of your trip and if unguided only go out in favourable conditions, clear days with low wind.
Equipment -
Always wear an approved buoyancy aid. Ensure your boat has adequate buoyancy. Bring suitable clothing, such as a wetsuit and equipment to deal with an emergency.
Emergencies -
In the event of capsize, stay with your craft, be ready and equipped to help one another. Always bring some form of communication with you, ie mobile phone - VHF. Ensure your group has a towing system in place.

For further information, visit the Bantry Bay Port Company website or the below Map Booklet

Trail management organisation contact details

BANTRY BAY PORT COMPANY - www.bantrybayport.com

Trail Map


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