County Mayo – Programme Four

Kathriona Devereux

'Kathriona Devereux explores the north tip of County Mayo'


The North Western corner of Co. Mayo is one of Ireland’s most remote areas and it was here that Kathriona Devereux explored a challenging walk with writer and walking guide Declan Cunningham. The trails begun in Carrowteigue in the heart of the Dún Chaocháin Gaeltacht where the Irish language is still part of everyday life. Just off the trail outside Carrowteigue lies an unusual work of art depicting Chaocháin, a mythical giant who gives this region its name. The trail ran along the shoreline where two beaches are connected by a wide area of low dunes. Despite the area’s beauty there wasn’t another person to be seen for miles.

Kathriona and Declan met conservation ranger Irene O’Brien who spends much of her time on the Mayo coast keeping a watchful eye on the wildlife population. With Kid Island behind them, Kathriona and Declan turned eastwards towards the walk’s highest point, Benwee Head. But first they passed the forbidding heights of the shipwrecker’s cove, An Príosún which might be an unlikely spot to find contemporary art but sitting above the dizzying drop was a sculpture commemorating the legend of the Children of Lir.

Kathriona and Declan’s journey began in Carrowteigue and ended 16km later in Portacloy Beach.

You can visit the featured trail, Carrowteigh Black Ditch Loop to find out more.


Other suggested trails in the region:

1. Erris Head Loop

2. Keenagh Loop

3. Enniscoe House Loop



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