Bluestack Mountain, Co. Donegal

Packie Bonner

Packie Bonner, former Irish soccer goalkeeping great, returns to his native Donegal for this episode of Tracks and Trails and takes on the challenging 40km walk over the Bluestack Mountains. Packie is accompanied by Inga Bock who knows every inch of the Bluestacks. They start in Donegal town and move out to the Ballybofey road along to the shore of Lough Eske before they reach the foothills of the Bluestacks. Along the way they meet Patsy McNulty, a local man, who explains what the famous famine pot is. In Disert, they meet Anne Leonard at an old altar which also had a part to play in local history as it is a pre-Christian site.

Packie comes across one of the farmers from the locality and they stop to discuss his old homestead and how things have changed in Donegal. Nearer the end of the walk Packie and Inga meet a group of school children who are out on a field day trip with their teacher after which they are joined by Packie's brother-in-law for the rest of the walk down to the Owenea River and into Ardara.