Beara Peninsula Co. Cork

Chefs Derry Clarke and Kevin Thornton trek across the Beara Peninsula in south-west Ireland. The Beara Peninsula in south west Cork is full of spectacular scenery and stunning views. Everywhere there is beauty in natural landscape and history. Derry Clarke and Kevin Thornton, two celebrity chefs, who didn't really know each other except professionally, agreed to venture out from Allihies, a tiny village which was the home to the Coppermines back in the early 1900's.

The Beara Peninsula itself is a very well marked way for walkers. There are 120km of walks on this peninsula and they can stretch from modest to moderate to challenging. Our two celebrity chefs decided on a walk from Allihies across past Garnish Pier and up over the Bull Point down to Dursey Sound where they took the cable car across to Dursey Island and had a wonderful time. They both found it a fairly challenging walk but for the most part it was moderate.

The second walk they undertook led them from Allihies village down to the shoreline where they turned right and followed the shore up to a certain point and then veered inland up towards the ruins of the Coppermines. Looking down a mine shaft Derry and Kevin got a real insight into the appalling conditions the workers and their families had to endure in order to mine the copper ore deep underground. They met a local man who guided them down into the mine itself and were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to see these caves and mines because they are no longer available for public view. Both Derry and Kevin were hugely impressed with their visit to the Beara peninsula and as Derry said "not only was it magnificent to see and great to do it but it is Irish and it's free."