Blueway Development


Blueways are a new tourism and outdoor recreation offering on the island of Ireland that aim to celebrate and promote our scenic inland waterways, lakes, rivers and coastal areas around the island of Ireland. Blueways also aim to encourage more people to experience and enjoy outdoor activities in water locations.


Blueways are “approved and branded multi-activity recreational trails and sites, based on, and closely linked with the water, together with providers facilitating access to activities and experiences. ”


Listed below are a number of publication and development resources to aid the planning and development of Blueways.


Information is also provided on the accreditation system that has been established for Blueways.


Please note: There is now development guidance available and an accreditation process has to be followed before the Blueways name and brand can be used.




  • Blueway Management & Development Guide (Flipping Book) -
  • Blueway Management & Development Guide - Blueway Management & Development Guide (PDF)
  • Advisory Note 1 -Blueway Development ( This advisory note provides information to Blueway Developers on a range of topics to support the planning, development, accreditation and management of Blueways. This advisory note is intended as a support document to the Blueway Management and Development Guide)
  • Advisory Note 2 - Blueway Planning Process ( This advisory note outlines the recommended process for successfully planning and developing Blueways in Ireland)
  • Advisory Note 3 -Blueway Signage Guidelines (This advisory note provides guidelines to Blueway Developers when developing Blueway Signage)
  • Advisory Note 4 - Snorkel Trail Guidelines (This advisory note provides suggested criteria for coastal snorkel trails, as provided by Comhairle Fo-Thuinn (CFT), also known as the Irish Underwater Council.
  • Advisory Note 5 -Paddling Trails ( This advisory note provides suggested criteria developers should meet when developing paddling trails ie. Grading & Suitability, Access / Egress Points)
  • Advisory Note 6 -Biosecurity and Invasive Species ( This advisory note provides Blueway Developers with guidance and information on Biosecurity and Invasive Species)
  • A Guide to Planning and Devleloping Small Vessel Water Trails in Ireland -Guide to Planning and Developing Small Vessel Water Trails in Ireland ( This guide provides detailed information and advice for planning and developing small vessel water trails on inland water ways and the coast of Ireland)





Any queries relating to Blueway development may be directed to Anna Grant (ROI) - or Mike McClure (NI) -

Blueway Partnership