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CountyTrail NameCategoryTrail QualityFormat Length
GradeTimeNearest town
Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Roscommon, FermanaghKingfisher Cycle TrailOn Road Cycling Trails Circular480.00Moderate5 daysCarrick-on-Shannon
DonegalArd na Mona WoodWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Moderate25minDonegal town
DonegalArds Forest Park - Binngorm trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.50Strenuous2hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Green trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3.50Strenuous 2hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Heritage trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Moderate2hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Marine trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.50Easy1hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Nature trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Easy1hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Red trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular13.00Strenuous4hrCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Salt Marsh trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear0.50Buggy and wheelchair friendly12minCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Sand Dune trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear1.00Buggy and wheelchair friendly1hr 30minCresslough
DonegalArds Forest Park - Yellow trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular4.00Easy1hr 30minCresslough
DonegalBallykeeran Forest trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Moderate1hrBallykeeran
DonegalBallyshannon Cycle Hub Loop 1On Road Cycling Trails Circular39.00Moderate2hr 30minBallyshannon
DonegalBallyshannon Cycle Hub Loop 2On Road Cycling Trails Circular36.00Moderate2hr 10minBallyshannon
DonegalBluestack WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear65.00Moderate3 daysDonegal Town
DonegalBonny Glen Wood - Bonny Glen walkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.00Easy40minGlenties
DonegalBonny Glen Wood - Lough Namanlagh trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear3.00Moderate1hrGlenties
DonegalBurtonport Loops - Lúb Cheann Bhaile CruaicheWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular7.00Easy1hr 30minBurtonport
DonegalBurtonport Loops - Lúb Chroicheach Mhór Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Easy1hrBurtonport
DonegalCrolly - Lub an Chlochain BhigWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular 6.30Easy1hr 50minCrolly
DonegalCrolly - Lub Loch na CaillíWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5Easy1hr 46minCrolly
DonegalCrolly - Siuloid Cois an Ghaoth Walking/Hiking Trails***Linear0.75Easy15minCrolly
DonegalCuldaff SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Linear3.40Easy30minCuldaff
DonegalDrumboe - Loop trail Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Easy1hrStranolar
DonegalDrumboe - Multi-AccessWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Buggy and wheelchair friendly1hrStranolar
DonegalDrumboe - Nature trailWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2.00Easy1hrStranolar
DonegalDrumharriff - Forest StrollWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Easy1hrPettigo
DonegalDungloe River Walk - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular 2.00Easy40minDungloe
DonegalGlencolmcille - Drum loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular13.00Hard4hrGlencolmcille
DonegalGlencolmcille - Tower loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular10.00Moderate3hrGlencolmcille
DonegalInis Eoghain Cycleway On Road Cycling Trails Circular55.00 3hr 
DonegalInishowen Head loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Moderate2hr 30minStroove
DonegalLetterkenny SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular2.70Easy45minLetterkenny
DonegalLifford SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular / Linear3.00Easy30minLifford
DonegalLoch Chonaill Railway WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear2.20Easy35minLoughanure
DonegalLough Derg Pilgrim PathWalking/Hiking Trails*** Circular9.00Easy2hrPettigoe
DonegalMilford SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular3.70Easy30minMilford
DonegalMoville SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Linear4.00Easy40minMoville
DonegalMuckish - Lub an IarnrodWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular2Easy35minCreeslough
DonegalMuckish - Lub Loch AchairWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular9Easy2hr 30minCreeslough
DonegalMuckish - Lub Loch na BollWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular4Easy1hr 10minCreeslough
DonegalSiuloid an Sean Bhothar IarainnWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear4.00Easy1hrBurtonport
DonegalSlí An Earagail - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Loop77.00Easy Bunbeg
DonegalSlí Arann Mhor (Arranmore Island) - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular14.00Moderate5hrBurtonport
DonegalSlí Cholmcille - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular65.00Moderate Ardara
DonegalSlí Ghabla (Gola Island) - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular4.00Easy1hr 30minBunbeg
DonegalSlí Na Finne - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular51.00Moderate16hr 30minFintown
DonegalSlí Na Rosann - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular65.00Moderate Dunglow
DonegalSlí Thoraí (Tory Island) - Sli Dhun na nGallWalking/Hiking Trails**2 Circulars12.00Easy4hrWest Town on island/Falcarragh or Bunbeg on mainland
DonegalSliabh Liag Pilgrim PathWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear2.80Moderate1hr 30minCarrick
DonegalWoodquarter - Forest trail Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular1.50Moderate30minMilford
Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal, Tyrone, Fermanagh The North West Trail CyclingOn Road Cycling Trails Linear326.00 10hr 50minSligo

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