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CountyTrail NameCategoryTrail QualityFormat Length
GradeTimeNearest town
ClareBallyallia SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular6.00Easy1hrEnnis
ClareBallycuggaran - Crag Wood WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular6.00Strenuous2hrKillaloe
ClareBallyvaughan - Black Head loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular26.00Hard7hrBallyvaughan
ClareBallyvaughan - Wood loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Moderate2hrBallyvaughan
ClareBurren WayWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear114.00Moderate5 daysLahinch
ClareBurren Way - Section 1 (Lahinch - O'Brien's Bridge)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear2.10Easy32minLahinch
ClareBurren Way - Section 2 (Ballynahown - Caher Valley)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear4.70Moderate1hr 21minCraggagh
ClareBurren Way - Section 3 (Caher Valley - Ballyvaughan)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear10.00Moderate2hr 51minCraggagh
ClareBurren Way - Section 4 (Lismacteige - Cullaun Car Park)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear6.70Strenuous2hr 14minBallyvaughan
ClareBurren Way - Section 5 (Clooncoose - Gortlecka)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear4.10Strenuous1hr 22minCarran
ClareBurren Way - Section 6 (Mullagh More - Cooloorta)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear4.90Strenuous1hr 38minCorofin
ClareBurren Way - Section 7 (Ballaghaglash - Cross)Walking/Hiking Trails**Linear4.40Moderate1hr 15minBoston
ClareCaher Valley LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular14.50Moderate3hr 30minFanore/ Ballyvaughan
ClareCarran Turlough LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Easy1hr 15minCarron
ClareCarron loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular9.00Hard4hrCarron
ClareCliffs of Moher Coastal WalkWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear18.1Difficult4hr 30minLiscannor
ClareDoolin Cycle Hub Loop 1 On Road Cycling Trails Circular18.00Challenging1hr 30minDoolin
ClareDoolin Cycle Hub Loop 2On Road Cycling Trails Circular39.00Challenging2hr 30minDoolin
ClareDoolin Cycle Hub Loop 3On Road Cycling Trails Circular43.00Challenging2hr 40minDoolin
ClareDoolin Cycle Hub Loop 4On Road Cycling Trails Circular47.00Challenging3hrDoolin
ClareDoonbeg LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular8.00Easy1hr 30minDoonbeg
ClareDoonbeg SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular8.60Easy1hr 30minDoonbeg Village
ClareEast Clare WayWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular 180.00Moderate8 daysKillaloe
ClareEnnis Slí - Lees Road Park Sli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular3.00Easy45minEnnis
ClareFanore Ballyvaughan TrekWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear21Strenuous5hrFanore/ Ballyvaughan
ClareFeakle - Ballycroum loopWalking/Hiking Trails*Circular9.00Moderate2hr 30minFeakle
ClareKillimer SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular4.50Easy50minKillimer
ClareKilmihil SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular4.60Easy50minKilmihil
ClareKilrush - Mixed WoodlandWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular3Easy45minKilrush
ClareKilrush - Multi AccessWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear1.2Easy - buggy and wheelchair friendly45minKilrush
ClareKilrush - Riverside WalkWalking/Hiking Trails***Linear3Easy45minKilrush
ClareKilrush SlíSli Na Slainte Walking Routes Circular4.60Easy50minKilrush
ClareLough Avalla - Farm loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular6Moderate2hr 30minCorofin
ClareMid Clare WayWalking/Hiking Trails**Circular 148.00Moderate6 daysNewmarket on Fergus
ClareO'Briensbridge - Errinagh BridgeWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular7.00Easy2hrO'Briensbridge
ClareO'Briensbridge - Old Barge loop Walking/Hiking Trails***Circular12.00Moderate3hrO'Briensbridge, Clonlara
ClareO'Briensbridge - Parteen WeirWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular5.00Esay1hr 15minO'Briensbridge
ClareRuan - Dromore Wood loopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular6.00Easy2hrRuan Village
ClareTullaher LoopWalking/Hiking Trails***Circular20.00Moderate3hr 30minDoonbeg
Limerick, Clare, TipperaryLough Derg WayWalking/Hiking Trails**Linear68.00Moderate3 daysLimerick City

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