Sport Ireland Trails: Training Courses

Sport Ireland has developed and delivered a number of training courses through its National Trails Office (NTO) in trail planning, construction and maintenance in recent years. The courses have been well received and aim to provide participants with knowledge and skills to assist in the planning, development and maintenance of high quality recreational trails in Ireland.

Training Courses

Sport Ireland is working to expand its Education and Training Programme in 2017 with a number of new courses in the following areas,

•Walking Trail Planning and Development

Recreational Cycle Infrastructure  Planning & Development

Trail Surface Maintenance – Theory and Practical

Trail Monitoring & Maintenance Planning

•Trail Specification & Design Skills

These courses will be run from a number of regional training hubs, are all short courses (Single Day / Two Day) and will be offered at a reasonable cost.

Sport Ireland would also hope to deliver courses for individual organisation as we have done in the past. Others areas being considered for short courses include Trail Management, Visitor Safety Risk Assessment, Trail Usage Monitoring, Blueway Development  and Environment & Heritage Consideration for Recreational Trails.

We are aware that our Education and Training Programme must be responsive to the needs of the sector and we are keen to hear from your organisation about your training needs and suggestions you have for this programme. Please feel free to contact us below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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