National Trails Advisory Committee (NTAC)

The National Trails Advisory Committee (NTAC) operates as a sub-committee of the Irish Sports Council and includes representatives from a number of agencies and bodies involved in recreational trail development in Ireland. This includes, amongst others, representatives from:




The Functions of the National Trails Advisory Committee (NTAC) are:

  • To oversee the implementation of the Irish Trails Strategy.
  • To achieve agreement on a harmonised approach to certain elements of trail provision including; trail standards, trail classification systems, trail signage policy, trail development guidelines, trail quality assurance and appropriate marketing and promotion. The Committee seeks to agree on systems and standards which are consistent and coherent to all trail users and developers.
  • To advise, guide and support the work of the National Trails Office.
  • To ensure that systems to monitor and evaluate the impact of trails are in place, and are implemented.

The National Trails Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis.