Introduction to Walking Trail Survey, Design and Specification

Course Aim:

 Introduce learners to the principles, processes and techniques used to prepare plans and specifications for trail surface construction works.


Target Audience:

  • CE Schemes, RSS and Tus supervisors and staff
  • Local Authority staff
  • Forestry staff
  • Trail management committee members
  • Volunteers and other persons likely to be working on trail maintenance.

Course Topics:

  • Trails Survey types and methods
  • Trail design principles
  • Putting it all together – design and specification
  • Identifying costs

Courses will be ran over 1 day and combine classroom and practical sessions. Course sizes will be capped at 16 to ensure maximum benefit is received by participants.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate different survey methods for trail planning and management, their purpose and usefulness
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of trail design, materials and techniques
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what makes a trail fit for purpose
  • Comment on common mistakes in trail design
  • Determine what type of survey to undertake for a particular project; use collected survey data to inform the planning and design for a trail
  • Apply the basic principles which underpin trail sustainability into trail design
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the range of information needed to prepare a specification
  • Understand how to use this information in identifying an indicative cost for this project


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